Massage Therapist Palden Darvish, Holistic Massage Therapist, Swedish Massage and Myofascial

Massage Therapist
Palden Darvish

Palden works Fridays from 5.15pm
and Sundays from 4pm.

Palden specialises in:

  • Myofascial release
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Amma
  • Sports stretching
  • Remedial advice

Phone: 07877 629890



Palden Darvish is an advanced clinical massage therapist trained at Jing Advanced Massage Training and Edinburgh Holistic Schools. He specialises in relieving and resolving chronic pain issues with a fusion of various methods:

He always begins with a free and confidential consultation, which is a safe space for you to open up about your medical and personal history. This normally takes up to 15 minutes but can take up to half an hour if necessary.

Each treatment is always sensitive to your personal needs. Regular practise of yoga, meditation and movement inspire the work.

Most common complaints ( back pain, sciatica, r.s.i’s etc. ) can usually be resolved within 1 – 6 regular treatments, so if you have a real problem it is encouraged that you commit to this.

Concession prices are available if money is an issue.

Palden represents the Massage Training Institute for Scotland and is involved in organising monthly workshops for practitioners.


Palden has magical hands and is an excellent listener. He actually treats you're sore muscles and is proactive in finding other parts that need treatment. I'm feeling pretty broken, physically and mentally and know that seeing Palden for an hour will sort me out.

I've had 3 massages from him, friends have used him too, and we can all say he is amazing. Expect to hear from me again soon. He's well trained, strong, intuitive and intelligent. A rare combination. Highly recommended.

I left this massage feeling completely, blissfully zen. It was a really good experience. Danny took loads of time to figure out what was just right for me and made me feel really relaxed and comfortable at all times.

Debbie Bradnock

Further testimonials and website link available through the facebook page