Massage and Myofascial Release therapist Rachel Henry

Massage Therapist
Rachel Henry

Massaging a runner on a dock on the side of Loch Lomond

Rachel Henry will be wednesdays 12 -9pm

Rachel specialises in:

  • Sports and Remedial Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Myofascial Release

Phone: 07875 407666


Rachel’s initial training in massage therapy, with The Scottish Massage Schools here in Edinburgh, sparked a passion and curiosity that underpins all her work as a therapist. She works with each client to establish their own expectations of treatment, and to develop treatments which address their individual issues and help them to maximise their body’s natural ability to repair and maintain itself.

Rachel is a qualified in Remedial, Sports and Swedish massage therapy, and is also a Myofascial Release Practitioner*. She has undertaken additional training in Integrated manual therapy and orthopedic massage techniques and continues to maintain and develop her professional skills through new learning and training opportunities.

Her practice involves work with a wide range of people and includes :–

  • those involved in sports, to assist with pre- and post- event support, injury prevention, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation
  • people with longer term health conditions, to assist with the management of chronic pain, mobility issues, maximization and maintenance of movement and flexibility
  • people experiencing short term discomfort or injury, stress or difficulty in sleeping or relaxing
  • those simply wishing to maintain their general health and well-being by looking after their body

Rachel’s interest and practice as a massage therapist grew out of her realisation that, despite being a lifelong amateur sportswoman (with a long list of injuries and recoveries!) she had no real knowledge of how her body actually worked nor how, despite her best efforts at neglect, it managed to repair and maintain itself.

Having remedied some of this ignorance, she now treats everyday as a school day - there’s always so much more to find out. In addition to her work as a therapist, she is a tutor with SMS, a member of SMTO and also works with ‘Athletes Angels’ at sports events across the country. When not working, she continues to be outside as much as possible - in the garden, at the allotment, hill walking or running (long and slow!).

*Myofascial Release techniques are generally more gentle forms of soft tissue work that address the body’s connective tissue, the fascia. This forms a 3-dimensional web throughout the whole body and provides a dynamic pattern of tensions and supports within it. Distortions and dysfunctions within the fascia can exert forces and stresses on other aspects and structures in the system, and can lead to tension, pain and restriction of movement. MFR techniques can be applied to help resolve these unhelpful patterns and enable the fascial system to work more smoothly and fluidly throughout the body.