Pregnancy Massage

At Revitalize we love working with pregnant Mums!

Some women sail through their pregnancies, some experience a few niggles, and others discomfort, and even pain.

Reasons for wanting pregnancy massage range from wanting a bit of “me-time” , some rest and relaxation, to tired legs, back-ache, tight neck and shoulder muscles, or muscle spasm associated with Pubis Symphysis Disorder.

Other reasons for wanting pregnancy massage include support for all the emotional changes happening and labour-preparation, as in learning to “go inward” and focus on the internal body, for which massage is extremely helpful.

Pregnancy massage improves the circulation, it is good for tissue congestion, and stimulates removal of metabolic waste. Therefore pregnancy massage is good for mother and foetal tissue health, while helping to maintain normal blood pressure. Pregnancy massage can also have a pain-reducing effect and eases many common complaints – leg cramps, stiff neck, swollen ankles, ‘sciatica’. Pregnancy massage can help relieve nausea and heartburn without drugs.

Andrea also offers Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage which is especially good for pregnancy related oedema and pregnancy induced carpal tunnel.

Reflexology, is another favourite for tired, achy feet, or because it can be very relaxing and easy to enter a meditative state.

Mums report positive experience of pregnancy massage during labour. Post pregnancy massage eases muscle strain of labour and birth, promotes recovery of the pelvic floor, boosts healing after a C-section and eases post-partum stress.

During pregnancy massage we aim to provide a nurturing touch, to reduce stress, and to give the Mum-to-be a cared-for experience. The rest of the family is welcome for massage too!

Postural Issues

Pre pregnancy postural issues leading to pelvic and spinal misalignment can be exacerbated during pregnancy.

Pregnant Mums with their ever-changing bodies, are altering the loading on the spine, which creates myofascial tension and eventually the shape of the lower spine.

Pregnancy massage can help lengthen short, tight muscles, and bring attention to parts of the body that have been forgotten.

Often this is about posture, after all, how we live and move on a daily basis is what creates our freedom to move or our Repetitive Strain Injuries.

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