Douglas Ross

Massage Therapist

  • Email:
    [email protected]
  • Phone number:
  • Working hours:
    Thurs 4 -9pm
    Fri 1 - 9pm
    Sat 2 - 8pm

Douglas' journey as a masseur began while travelling and living in Thailand where he learnt Thai and Ayurvedic massage, first in a secular Buddhist healing centre and then in Australia, covering both Eastern and Western approaches. His journey continued in Edinburgh where he completed a Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy with the Massage Training Institute, which included Swedish and deep tissue massage.
From the initial consultation Douglas will work with you toward your specific aims, whether stress management or the relief of pain. Swedish massage is excellent for relaxation and as a warm up for deep tissue work on chronically tight or sore muscles.
Douglas believes that massage is an essential element of self-care. In his own words, "sharing relaxed and body centred presence is one of life's greatest gifts."
In his spare time he enjoys nature while walking, cycling or surfing. His supportive, complementary practices are regular yoga, qi gong, and ongoing training in Non-violent Communication and men's process groups.

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